ICSSR-NERC Guesthouse

Details are the rates (including GST) of rooms and food at our ICSSR-NERC Guesthouse:

Rooms Rates:
Deluxe (Double) - Rs.1344/- (10 Rooms available)
Deluxe (Triple) - Rs.1680/- (6 Rooms available)
VIP - Rs.1904/- (2 Rooms available)

Meals Rates:
Buffet Lunch = Rs.295/- per pax
Breakfast = Rs.177/- per pax
Coffee/Tea & Snacks for the break = Rs.59/- per pax

For any queries feel free to call in our guesthouse: 0364-2550432 and 8638871605/8794349088
Thangboi Paite OR

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